Volunteer with Us!

Thousands of volunteer hours are contributed each year.  In Staging Matilda we had over 1,700 volunteer hours in the costume shop, build and run crews.  

All of our actors donate their time for rehearsals and performances, a commitment that can run up to 10 weeks.
We absolutely could not bring a production to the stage without our dedicated volunteers.
Thank you!


If you're interested in...
     • Back stage crew
     • Set painting
     • Set construction

     Contact:  Tori Reed

     Production Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator
     Phone: 260-422-8641 x236
     Email: Treed@fwcivic.org


If you're interested in...
     • Costume construction
     • Dressers
     • Makeup/hair

     Contact: Angela Sahli
     Costumer Designer
     Phone: 260-422-8641 x229
     Email: ASahli@FWCivic.org

Office Support

Contact: Elise Ramel
     Marketing Director
     Phone: 260-422-8641 x224
     Email: ERamel@FWCivic.org

Stage Management 

Contact: Corey Lee
     Technical Director & Lighting Designer
     Phone: 260-422-8641 x236
     Email: CLee@FWCivic.org

Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

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