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At nearly 100 years old, Fort Wayne Civic Theatre has been one of the longest-standing downtown entertainment destinations, bolstering the region’s quality of life, economy, and arts landscape. Presenting a variety of theatrical productions, we have a proud history of our vision, mission, and values that drive our organization forward.

Our Vision:

To be the regional leader in live theatre experiences through artistic excellence and innovation.

Our Mission:

To be the regional leader in live theatre experiences through artistic excellence and innovation.

Our Values:

  • In pursuit of our vision and mission, we:

  • Strive for excellence           

  • Nurture the creative soul

  • Steward our resources      

  • Pursue innovation

  • Promote diversity           

  • Educate our community

  • Change lives

Something Rotten!, 2023


Newsies, 2018


Into The Woods, 2022

Fort Wayne Civic Theatre needs to relocate due to Arts United’s renovation of the Arts United Center.



Fort Wayne Civic Theatre has had a long-standing partnership with Arts United, and they have been a great source of operating support for Civic Theatre over the years. Recently, however, Arts United’s initiatives have shifted to being a service organization and no longer a funding organization for operational support.


As we look forward to the completion of the Arts United Center’s renovations, you as a patron will experience increased accessibility, updated interiors, new technology, and more to enhance your overall enjoyment of Fort Wayne Civic Theatre.


We are excited for this opportunity to reinvigorate and reenergize our programs and community involvement while still providing artistic excellence and exceptional live theatre experiences.


There are many unexpected expenses we will incur as a result of being displaced during the renovation of the Arts United Center. Here are just a few examples of the additional costs we will incur over the next 2 years:


  • Moving Expenses

  • Leasing of Additional Storage Space

  • Higher Cost of Locations for Operations and Performances

  • Loss of Revenue from Dropped Productions in Order to Move


You are a valued part of Fort Wayne Civic Theatre’s impact. Your support will help drive artistic excellence, create stability for artists and technicians to hone their craft, and ensure diverse audiences across our community can experience the power and inspiration of live theatre.


With your help, we will work to accomplish maintaining our momentum and remain a leading arts institution that serves our community and drives our regional economy -- ultimately, in a larger, more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive space. 

Together with your commitment, we are ready to sustain high quality, inclusive live theatre performances and programs while creating space and capability to grow with the community’s needs and drive an even richer quality of life—today and tomorrow.


Shrek The Musical, 2023


The SpongeBob Musical, 2022


Matilda, 2020

A Message From the Executive/Artistic Director:

Nearly a century ago, someone made a choice - a choice to provide the people of Fort Wayne with the opportunity to experience live, local theatre right here in town. Since that defining moment, Fort Wayne Civic Theatre has created over 700 productions and counting!  


That one singular choice transformed the arts scene in Fort Wayne to what we know today, not only changing the lives of the individuals involved, but changing the communities - indeed the world - around them.


Fort Wayne Civic Theatre stands at a defining moment, on the cusp of possibility. We embrace and are seizing this moment, undertaking an ambitious campaign to not just survive, but to thrive during this transition. 


We need to raise an additional $750,000+ in funds above our annual operating expenses over 2 years to cover the added expenses associated with moving costs, temporary location, performance venues, and more.


Please make your choice to join us as we, together, improve and advance the mission of Fort Wayne Civic Theatre for the next century and beyond.


Your gift will help innovate Fort Wayne Civic Theatre and ignite creative imaginations for generations to come!

Thank you,  
Phillip H. Colglazier

phillipsignature blue.png

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Why is Fort Wayne Civic Theatre (FWCT) raising funds?
The Arts United Center, FWCT’s home since 1973, will be under renovation from June 2024 through September 2025. During that time, FWCT must operate and perform offsite at alternate locations and will incur many additional expenses related to the move and temporary locations. All campaign expenses are above and beyond normal operating expenses.


2.  How is Arts United supporting FWCT during this time?
Arts United will continue to support FWCT through numerous discounted member services and pass-through grants for project support.


3.  Where will you be located during renovations?
FWCT will conduct all operations from 1940 Bluffton Road, in Foster Park Plaza, near The Clyde Theatre.


4.  Will FWCT still be performing during renovations?
FWCT will be performing at various venues in and around Fort Wayne, including, but not limited to Foellinger Outdoor Theatre, Embassy Theatre, and Fort Wayne Museum of Art.


5.  How much does FWCT need to raise?
FWCT needs to raise an additional $750,000+ by the end of our 2025-2026 season. We are confident in the support of our donors, patrons, and community partners to help us reach our goal!

Questions? Please contact Kathy Crim, Director of Philanthropy,
at or (260) 422-8641 x 230.

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